About Us

About Us

Imparting Truth with Love.

AHA’s calling is to help our students establish moral behaviors and philosophy and to develop clear and rational thinking ability, so that they acquire and practice unique values in their lives.

In order to achieve this goal, our teachers live according to, and teach the truth.

It is more important to embody the lessons, rather than simply to teach them. Everyday, our teachers strive to understand and live out the truth, and to be its beautiful testimonies.

To accept love and clear instructions.

We strive to establish a family-like environment so that our students can feel a complete love and acceptance while also setting boundaries, adjusting certain immoral thinkings, and guiding them to form good characteristics and behaviors.

High standards

We lead and equip our students to become life-long scholars by instilling a high standard of education and to teach them the ability to think independently and to pursue the truth stubbornly.